How to buy organic oranges and mandarins


All of our products are Organic Certified. We grow our own oranges and mandarins in Valencia, home of the best citrus of the world. We also produce different vegetables, mainly for our local market. The rest of our fruits and products are grown by local organic farmers.


We are shipping to the following countries:


Country Estimated transit time Transport company
France 2-3 business days DPD (enlace página)
Germany 2-3 business days GLS (enlace página)
Sdgg 3-4 business days XXXXXXXXX


Please, click on the transport company for your country if you want to track your order.


Take into consideration that the fruit is harvested on daily basis, and not treated once picked. Therefore, we can offer you the freshest of the fruits. This means that weather conditions and other natural circumstances may affect the shipment/transportation process. However, take the “Estimated transit time” as a guide that you can count on most of the time.


The minimum order is 10kg. For quantities over 100kgs, please contact:


Pay with your credit or debit card. We do not accept payment via bank transfer, nor cash on delivery or other payment methods.


Prices do not include transportation cost. Select your desired products, proceed to checkout and you will be informed of the shipping cost. This table summarizes shipping cost per country and weight:


                      Weight  Country  

10-19.99 kg


20-29.99 kg


30-39.99 kg

40 50 60 70 80

90-100 kg






We use cardboard boxes: 5,10 and 15kgs. We do not use any plastic for packaging. We are sure you can use them for storing different things, but remember to dispose them in the proper cardboard container!


If you have any further question or concern, please contact us!

Reduciendo los intermediarios intentamos conseguir precios más justos para todos y calidad inmejorable.